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8 security tips for protecting your children

8 security tips for protecting your children

For the next generation to be green and colourful, young kids should be given a shield. Many kids may not be able to call and for help in time hence parents should get it right and show their children the right way to follow. To protect your young ones from the impostors and intruder, here are some of our tips that would help.


1. Let your children know how dangerous strangers can be

When you are out for work and a stranger knocks on your door, inform your kids not to respond and they should not stay in sight since some strangers may possess kind behaviours that may seduce them. Show them by giving them an example on how imposters lure children. Inform them to lock all the doors whenever you are not around.


2. Be free and talk with them

Communicate with your young once and keep it more often. Communicating with them can save life sometimes. Children many get involved in adhesive state and they may tend to keep it for themselves due to the threats they get. Let them know that their well-being is all that you care about and that they shouldn't cover their mistakes. Find a way to let them open their hearts and free to talk to you.


3. Watch out for the neighbours

Keep a thump on incidents in your area. Get informed about the people around you and take safety measures when there is something strange about the environment you live. Clear all the bushy placeless around your house since it would help when the intruder intends to get into your compound. Advise your child not to leave the keys under the door mat. Consider giving your trusted neighbour other than hiding the spare key in your yard because most thieves know common hiding places and they will always find it.


4. Computerize

Children are very forgetful hence they may skip locking the doors and arm the alarm system when they get from school. They might be excited after a long day from school. As a parent, you can make good use of your smartphone and arm your system from wherever you may be. Parents should remind their kids to lock all the windows, doors and by logging out before any computers device. This is because anyone can access open windows or doors and even make use of the computer that may not be in use when the previous user didn't log off.


5. For older kids, buy them pepper spray

Pepper spray is a lachrymatory agent which makes the eyes tearful. With this, they can manage if danger comes. Buy and test it first if it works and shows your child how he/she can use it, how it works and how far the brook of spray can shoot. Buy one of these and help your teen who has to walk from home to bus stop and they can be safe when they go out on their own.


6. Let them know about 911

Carry out with them by calling and showing them the kind of dialogue to with the machinist. Let them have your address and phone number in the back of their mind by memorising them from the youngest child to the eldest. In a case of danger, tell them to rush to the telephone and dial the emergency number for their safety. On the other hand, they can raise an alarm by carrying out for help. On the other hand, you can advise them to cry out for help when the telephone is out of there reach.


7. Parental control in internet usage

Inspect your child's communication on social media. Tell them to know how to keep some information confidential. Dispatching vacation plans on social media may not be a good idea since it might be dangerous. Put them down and inform them that sharing addresses and other confidential information may lead to a breakdown. Advise them not to post their vacations and any other exciting trips on social media because it might be very dangerous.


8. Connect surveillance cameras around your compound

Let your mind be at peace. You can check on your kids while you will be out for work any time any moment with a smartphone app that is connected to your home cameras. Shadowing cameras around your house will help by notifying you when an impostor breaks into your house.


Leslie Humphrey

Leslie lives in Southern California, a fashionist and an avid blogger.

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