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5 Ways to Avoid Door-to-Door Security Sales Scams

5 Ways to Avoid Door-to-Door Security Sales Scams


The door-to-door sale industry gets the bad rap when it comes to scams. The reports abound of the con artists stealing from the seniors and the troubled teens in selling the fake magazine subscriptions. With the proliferation of a Do Not Call List, the home knockers are not going very far. Actually, in a security industry, the door-to-door security sales are being the most in effect ways in marketing the home alarm systems to the homeowners. Here are 5 ways to avoid Door-to-Door security sales scams.

1. Card them

If anybody comes to your door in claiming they are selling the alarm systems with the security company, the first thing is to ask him or her for an ID. The legitimate security corporation will not send out their own employees without the credentials. Most of the door-to-door salespersons will actually have the ID hanging off to their lanyard or the belt loop. If in any case, they do not have the ID, close a door where you may very well when dealing with the scammer.

2. Request for the back-up

Ask for the documents about security services. The prepared salesperson needs to come well-armed with the basic marketing material which is like the flyer or the brochure. A Better Business Bureau (BBB) give the advises that you have to get everything in a writing even before committing to the service agreement which is like the approximate start or end dates, the contract details, and the guarantees of the no hidden fees.

3. Be leery of the maintenance visits

If a salesperson comes in your own door unknown and start to claim that he require to do an upgrading or to make the repairs on the security system, don't let them go inside. Unless you have actually called and you have asked for the technician or security personnel called and then scheduled the technician visit, no one can claim to be with the security company will be allowed to enter you're your home.

4. Expect honesty

The trustworthy security company does not tolerate the use of the aggressive sale tactics. The good security sales representatives know they are speaking to you about the most cherished aspects of your own life: the home protection. They may be very open and very honest and this makes you feel comfortable. Using the aggressive means is like compelling you to buy at that time or declining your repeated which is no or a red flag.

5. Know your rights

State and the city solicitation laws differ widely in regard to everything from the permits to the hour restrictions. You need to familiarize yourself with the municipality rules which are regarding the door-to-door sales. Even though you are not very sure of the local laws, take the comfort to this: when you get the buyers remorse after the shady sale that was made in your home, you only have the three days for you to cancel. It is called a Federal Trade Commission's Cooling-Off Rule which was made with the purpose of protecting the consumers who feel they are actually violated.

Therefore there's no need for you to live in the fear in every time the stranger steps on to your house. By enlightening yourself of the tactics, you now can verify an authenticity of the door-to-door security sales scams the moment they knock to your own door.


Here's a video tips to avoid door knocking scams.


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